Sour cherry pie

Ingredients: 500 gr pie crust

Mix for coating the crust:
150 ml vegetable oil
150 ml sparkling mineral water
Ingredients for the fruit stuffing: 600 gr sour cherries (stone free)
10 tablespoons of powder sugar
9 tablespoons of semolina (or ground biscuits)


Method: Divide the crusts into three parts (for 3 rolls take 2×3 layers and 1×4 layers). Put three layers of crust on the top of each other coating it with the mixture and sprinkling a tablespoon of powder sugar. Cover the top layer with 1/3 of stuffing and roll it up. Repaet the action two more times.

Put the rolls into a greased baking tray, cover them with water and oil, sprinkle with powder sugar and bake for 40 minutes at 200°C. After the pies are done, sprinkle them with powder sugar according to taste.