Burek with meat

Ingredients: 500 gr pie crust
* Round baking tray

Ingredients for the stuffing:
500 gr minced meat
2 smaller onions
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
Stew it toghether, let it cool down.
Ingredients for coating:
50 ml vegetable oil
250 ml water
a little salt according to taste

Method: Grease the round tray and then put 3 layers of crust, hanging over the brim. Cover the crusts with the coating mixture and add the meat stuffing. Cover the stuffing with two wrinkled layers, then add coating, then stuffing, then wrinkled layers until everything is used up. Fold the hanging layers back in a way that they cover the pie. If dried and cracked put one final layer to cover and tuck it in.

Cover the whole pie with remaining coating mixture and bake it for approximately 40-45 minutes at 200°C, until it golden brown. Once the pie is done, flip it over and serve it by cutting it into 4 pieces.